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TOPIC: Gaining Something From The Prisoner

Gaining Something From The Prisoner 6 years 8 months ago #1799

Have you ever wonderd if anyone who worked on the production of 'the Prisoner,' either in front of or behind the camera, actually benefitted from it?
To my way of thinking, only one person actually gained from his appearances in 'the Prisoner' and that was Alexis Kanner. Because before 'the Prisoner' I had never heard of him. And if it were not for 'the Prisoner,' well I think Kanner would have gone by completely un-noticed!
A few actors and one actress who appeared in 'the Prisoner' died between 1967 and 1969, some of whom were not that old at the time, including a suicide. Leo McKern had a nervous breakdown because of 'the prisoner.' David Tomblin, who was both Producer and Director on 'the Prisoner,' who afterwards went back to being an assistant Director on other television productions such as 'UFO,' before then going onto greater and better things.
Patrick McGoohan himself, was attacked in the street, and his family threatened {according to legend}. He was in hock to the British Inland Revenue to the sum of many thousands of pounds. Ran away to Wales {no not to Portmeirion} then to Switerland, to finally settle in America.
So was Alexis Kanner really the only person to work on 'the Prisoner,' who actually benefitted from the experience?
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