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Cast & Crew


Main Cast (in credits order)

Patrick McGoohan:- Number Six
Rover in crowdAngelo Muscat:- The Butler
Peter Swanwick:- The Supervisor (7 episodes)
Leo McKern:- Number Two ('The Chimes of Big Ben,' 'Once Upon a Time,' 'Fall Out')
Alexis Kanner:- Number Eight ('Living in Harmony'), Number Forty-Eight ('Fall Out') & Photographer ('The Girl Who Was Death')
Colin Gordon:- Number Two ('A, B, and C,' 'The General')
rest of cast listed alphabetically
George Baker :- The New Number Two (episode "Arrival")
Guy Doleman:- Number Two (episode "Arrival, The")
Paul Eddington:- Cobb (episode "Arrival, The")
Kenneth Griffith :- Number Two ('The Girl Who Was Death'), President ('Fall Out')
Fenella Fielding:- Loudspeaker Announcer (uncredited) (voice)
George Markstein:- Man behind desk in title sequence (uncredited)
Robert Rietty:- Number 2 in title sequence (7 episodes) (uncredited) (voice)
Throughout the 17 episodes various famous faces pop-up. This is a complete list of the guest appearances in The Prisoner. Some you�ll know, most you won�t!
Jack Allen:- Doctor
George Baker:- New Number 2
Christopher Benjamin :- Labour Exchange Manager
Peter Brace :- 1st Guardian
Guy Doleman :- Number 2
Paul Eddington :- Cobb
David Garfield (II) :- Orderly
Oliver MacGreevy :- Gardener/Electrician
Virginia Maskell :- The Woman
Keith Peacock :- 2nd Guardian
Frederick Piper :- Ex-Admiral
Stephanie Randall :- Maid
Denis Shaw :- Shopkeeper
Patsy Smart :- Waitress
Barbara Yu Ling :- Taxi Driver

"The Chimes of Big Ben"
David Arlen:- Karel
Hilda Barry :- No. 38
Christopher Benjamin :- Number Two's Assistant
Finlay Currie :- The General
Nadia Gray:- Nadia
Lucy Griffiths :- Third Judge
Jack Le White :- First Judge
John Maxim :- Second Judge
Leo McKern :- Number 2
Frederick Piper :- Ex-Admiral (uncredited)
Kevin Stoney :- Colonel J.
Richard Wattis :- Fotheringay

"A, B, & C"
Sheila Allen:- Number 14
Peter Bowles:- A
Peter Brayham :- Thug
Annette Carell :- B (as Annette Carrell)
Georgina Cookson :- Woman at Party
Bill Cummings :- Henchman
Colin Gordon :- Number 2
Katherine Kath :- Madame Engadine
Bettina Le Beau :- Maid at party (as Bettine Le Beau)
Lucille Soong :- Flower Girl
Terry Yorke :- Thug

"Free for All"
Kenneth Benda :- Supervisor
George Benson:- Labor Exchange Manager
Harold Berens :- Reporter/Number One Hundred Thirteen
Peter Brace :- 1st Mechanic
John Cazabon :- Man In Cave
Holly Doone :- Waitress
Rachel Herbert:- Number 58/The Real Number Two
Alf Joint :- 2nd Mechanic
Eric Portman:- Number 2

"The Schizoid Man"
Earl Cameron:- Supervisor
Gay Cameron :- Number Thirty Six
Gerry Crampton :- First Guardian
Pat Keen :- Nurse
Patrick McGoohan :- Curtis/Number Twelve (uncredited)
Jane Merrow :- Alison/Number Twenty Four
David Nettheim :- Doctor
Dinny Powell :- Second Guardian (as Dinney Powell)
Anton Rodgers :- Number Two

"The General"
Peter Bourne :- Projection Operator
John Castle:- Number Twelve
Ian Fleming :- Man at Cafe/First Man In Top Hat
Colin Gordon :- Number Two
Peter Howell:- Professor
George Leech :- First Corridor Guard
Al Mancini :- Announcer
Betty McDowall :- Professor's Wife
Michael Miller:- Man In Buggy
Norman Mitchell:- Mechanic
Conrad Phillips:- Doctor
Keith Pyott :- Waiter/Number Thirty Six

"Many Happy Returns"
Grace Arnold :- Maid
Nike Arrighi :- Gypsy Girl
Richard Caldicot :- Commander
Patrick Cargill :- Thorpe
Dennis Chinnery :- Gunther
Georgina Cookson :- Mrs. Butterworth/Number Two
Jon Laurimore :- Ernst
George Markstein :- Man in office (uncredited)
Donald Sinden :- The Colonel
Larry Taylor:- Gypsy Man
Brian Worth:- Group Captain

"Dance of the Dead"
William Lyon Brown :- Second Doctor
Denise Buckley :- Maid/Number Thirty Four
Bee Duffell :- Psychiatrist
John Frawley:- Flowerman
Lucy Griffiths :- Lady In Corridor
Duncan Macrae :- Doctor/Number Forty (as Duncan MacRae)
George Merritt:- Postman
Aubrey Morris :- Town Crier
Mary Morris:- Number Two
Michael Nightingale :- Night Supervisor/Number Forty Five
Patsy Smart :- Night Maid/Number Twenty One
Norma West :- Observer/Girl Bo-Peep
Alan White (III) :- Roland Walter Dutton/Number Forty Two

George Coulouris :- Chessmaster/Man With The Stick
Rosalie Crutchley :- The Queen/Number Eight
Basil Dignam :- Supervisor/Number Fifty Six
Terence Donovan:- Sailor of ship, M.S. Polatska
Bee Duffell :- Second Psychiatrist
Romo Gorrara :- Second Searchlight Tower Guard
Patricia Jessel :- First Psychiatrist
Shivaun O'Casey :- Nurse
Victor Platt :- Assistant Supervisor/Number Two Hundred Forty Nine
Ronald Radd :- Rook/Number Fifty Three
Geoffrey Reed :- Skipper of ship, M.S. Polatska
Denis Shaw :- Shopkeeper
Danvers Walker :- Painter/Number Forty Two
Peter Wyngarde :- Number 2

"Hammer Into Anvil"
Margo Andrew :- Shop Kiosk Girl
Derek Aylward :- Replacement Supervisor/Number Sixty
Patrick Cargill :- Number Two
Jack Cooper (II) :- First Guardian (as Jackie Cooper)
Arthur Gross :- Control Room Operator
Fred Haggerty :- Second Guardian
Hilary Heath :- Suicide Victim/Number Seventy Three
Basil Hoskins :- Number Two's Assistant/Number Fourteen
George Leach :- Fourth Guardian
Victor Maddern :- Bandmaster
Eddie Powell :- Third Guardian
Norman Scace :- Director of Psychiatric Department/Number Two Hundred Forty Nine
Susan Sheers :- Female Code Expert
Victor Woolf :- Village Shopkeeper Assistant

"It's Your Funeral"
Annette Andre :- Watchmaker's Daughter
Grace Arnold :- Old Woman/Number Thirty Six
Michael Bilton:- Master of Ceremonies Councillor
Mark Burns:- Number Two's Assistant
Gerry Crampton :- Kosha Game Opponent
Mark Eden:- Number One Hundred
Charles Lloyd Pack :- Artist
Martin Miller :- Watchmaker/Number Fifty Four
Derren Nesbitt :- New Number Two
Andre Van Gyseghem :- Retiring Number Two
Wanda Ventham :- Computer Attendant
Arthur White:- Stall Holder

"A Change of Mind"
Michael Billington :- Second Woodland Man
Kathleen Breck :- Number Forty Two
Angela Browne :- Number Eighty Six
Michael Chow:- Second Member of Social Group
Joseph Cuby :- First Member of Social Group
June Ellis :- Number Forty Eight
John Hamblin :- 1st Woodland Man
Thomas Heathcote :- Lobo Man
Michael Miller:- Confessor/Number Ninety Three
Bartlett Mullins :- Committee Chairman/Number Eighteen
George Pravda :- Doctor
John Sharp:- Number Two (as John Sharpe)

"Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling”
Fredric Abbott :- Potter
James Bree :- Villiers
Clifford Evans :- Number Two
Patrick Jordan:- Danvers
Gertan Klauber :- Cafe Waiter
Lloyd Lamble :- Stapleton
Henry B. Longhurst :- Old Guest (as Henry Longhurst)
John Nolan:- Young Guest
Hugo Schuster :- Prof. Seltzman
Nigel Stock:- The Colonel/Number Six
Danvers Walker :- First New Man
Zena Walker :- Janet
John Wentworth:- Sir Charles
Lockwood West :- Camera Shop Manager

"Living in Harmony"
Michael Balfour :- Will
David Bauer :- The Judge/Number Two
Leslie Crawford :- Second Gunman (as Les Crawford)
Bill Cummings :- Second Horseman
Monti DeLyle :- Town Dignitary
Eddie Eddon :- Third Horseman
Max Faulkner :- First Horseman
Valerie French :- Kathryn Johnson/Number Twenty Two
Alexis Kanner :- The Kid/Number Eight
Frank Maher:- Third Gunman
Bill Nick :- First Gunman
Gordon Sterne :- Bystander
Gordon Tanner:- Town Elder
Larry Taylor:- Mexican Sam

"The Girl Who Was Death"
Christopher Benjamin :- Potter
Harold Berens :- Boxing Master of Ceremonies
Michael Brennan:- Killer Karminski
John Drake:- Bowler
Max Faulkner :- Scots Napoleon
Joe Gladwin :- Yorkshire Napoleon
Kenneth Griffith:- Schnipps/Number Two
Alexis Kanner :- Photographer/Chief's voice (uncredited)
Justine Lord :- Sonia/Number Eight
John :- Welsh Napoleon

"Once Upon a Time"
John Cazabon :- Umbrella Man
Leo McKern :- Number 2

"Fall Out"
Kenneth Griffith:- President
Alexis Kanner :- Number Forty Eight
Patrick McGoohan :- Number One (uncredited)
Leo McKern :- Former Number 2
Michael Miller:- Delegate

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