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'We thought you would be happier as yourself' the supervisor informs the prisoner, at being given his original clothes.

As the prisoner, supervisor and Butler walk along a stone walled corridor, lined with Juke Boxes, the song 'All you need is love' is booming out. They are greeted at a door by the words 'Well come".

Fall OutThe Butler opens the door with a key and the trio enter the Cavern beyond. It is full of people in white cowls and black and white masks. There are armed security guards in white helmets and blue overalls, technicians, a medical team in surgical gowns. Oh yes and 'The President' in scarlet gown and white powdered wig. There are electrical switch gear cabinets, a large wall screen, an elaborate 'Throne', a steel tube with a large red 1 upon it. A steel see saw device, with a man at each end at a Maxim machine gun.

Number 6 is presented by the supervisor, but as he has survived the ultimate test, he must no longer be referred to as number 6 or any number of any kind. He has gloriously vindicated the right of the individual to be individual. 'This assembly rises to you'. Sir' says The President. Sir's indulgence is craved and The President suggest that perhaps he would care to observe the preliminaries from the chair of honour. The assembly has been called in a matter of democratic crisis and the preliminaries take the form of a trial of three revolutionaries. The first is a young man, number 48, a hippie wearing a black military tunic, white frilly shirt, black top hat and a bell around its neck!

This then is uncoordinated youth, with its enthusiasm, which rebels against any accepted norm, because it must. And we sympathise, it may wear flowers in its hair, bells on it toes. But when the common good is threatened, when the function of society is endangered, such revolts must cease. Number 48 sees this as a crazy scene, he leaps about the cavern causing mayhem and disruption to all around, singing a song called 'Dry Bones'.

In the end the youth has to be restrained and held in a place of security until Sir's Inauguration. The next revolutionary is an entirely different kettle of fish, an established, successful, secure member of the establishment turning on and biting the hand that feeds him. Who has now has been 'resurrected', his beard shaven off to leave just a mustache, his hair a different colour, in fact all in all he feels like a new man!

He greets Sir with a hand shake 'throne at last, I knew it had to be' and his little friend the butler 'ever faithful'. But the Butler has new Allegiances such is the price of fame and failure, how sad! Number 2 addresses the assembly. 'It has been my lot in the past to wield a not inconsiderable power, having the ear of statesmen, kings and princess of many lands. Governments have been swayed, revolutions nipped in the bud at a word from me in the right place and at a propitious time'.

So it is not surprising that this Community should find a use for him and that one day he should be abducted and wake up here amongst you. 'What is so deplorable is that I resisted for so short a time, a fine tribute to your methods!' declares number 2. Wanting to die with his own mind, number 2 takes off his badge and looks into the 'eye' of the steel tube, giving number 1 a stare, even to spit into it!

Having transgressed, the ex-number 2 is held in a place of security, until Sir's Inauguration. The third revolutionary has revolted, resisted, held fast, maintained, destroyed resistance, overcome coercion. The right to be person, someone or individual, we applaud his private war. And we concede, he has survived intact and secure. We recognise a man of steel, magnificently equipped to lead us. That is lead us'.. or go! Sir is unsure of what to do, he can see on the wall screen that his house and Lotus Seven are being made ready for him. He is presented with the key to his house, a passport {valid for anywhere}, traveller's cheques {a million} and petty cash. He is free to go anywhere.

The President tells Sir that has been an example to us all, he has convinced them of their mistakes. He is pure, he knows the way, show us. His revolt has been good and honest, you are the only individual we need you. Sir makes an attempt to address the assembly, but every time he begins, the assembly shouts him down. Sir shouts at the top of his voice in order to try and make himself heard, the lips move, but we do not hear his voice!

Finally exhausted Sir stops as does the shouting of the assembly with a 'hip hip hooray!

Now we take it that Sir is ready to meet ''Number 1? The steel tube is in fact a rocket, and it is in the control room that Sir finally gets to meet number 1. A figure in a white cowl and black and white mask, holds out a crystal ball in which Sir sees his future and lets slip from his grasp, smashing into a thousand splinters of glass!

He tears away the mask of number 1 only to reveal the mask of an Ape underneath. Torn away this reveals the face of number 1. It is into his own face that Sir stares, he is himself number 1! The sudden maniacal laughter of number 1 fills the control room of the rocket as he climbs up a ladder into an upper level sealing himself inside. Sir sets the countdown controls for the rocket and with the help of the Butler, ex-number 2 and number 48, Sir leads the attack and a vicious fire fight takes place in bloody revolution!

The President orders an evacuation of the village. The four comrades escape the village in a cage mounted on the back of a low loader lorry with the Butler at the wheel which crashes through a pair of iron gates at the end of a tunnel just as the rocket blasts off.

Travelling along the A20 to London, the top hated hippie it dropped off, leaving his three companions to travel the remainder of the way without him. The lorry comes to a stop on the Thames embankment and the three companions alight the vehicle and continue their way on foot. The ex-number 2 enters the House of Lords, while Sir and The Butler catch a bus on Westminster bridge. Finally walking along Buckingham Place, Sir and the Butler arrive home at number 1, his Lotus Seven parked at the kerb. A hearse drives slowly past as Sir climbs into his Lotus. He then starts the engine and drives off into the busy London traffic.

The Butler mounts the steps and enters No 1 Buckingham Place, the door to which opens automatically for him.

Dark storm clouds gather as a green, yellow nosed sports car hurtles down a along and deserted road.

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