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Number 6 awakens to the announcement of an 'Arts & Crafts Exhibition'. However he is not a man to join in. In fact his defiance of the village is demonstrated by his placing the black loudspeaker inside his refrigerator!

Number 2 informs his assistant that he does not want Number 6 broken, doesn't want a man of fragments. 'I want him with a whole heart, body and soul!' There is brought to the village, a new inmate who is immediately moved into '8 Private' a neighbour to Number 6. According to Number she has been brought here to recuperate!

The Chimes of Big BenAfter awakening in what appears to be her own home, Number 8 is invited for lunch at the Green Dome. But not knowing where she is, Number 8 asks Number 6 if he could take her over there to the Green Dome. 'Across the square, across the street, up the steps you can't miss it'.

In the evening Number 6 invites Number 8 in for a night cap. She tells him that her name is Nadia Rakowski, and that she is an Estonian. She sees Number 2 as being a very charming man and would expect his assistant to be the same! 'But what about you'.. Number 8?

The next day Number 6 watches Nadia down on the beach from the top of the cliffs. She is wearing a black swimsuit and taking to the water begins to swim away from the village.

An orange alert is issued from the control room and a guardian despatched to bring her back. Half drowned, half suffocated the unconscious body of Nadia is brought back to the beach and taken to the Hospital by two medical Orderly's. umber 6 is requested by Number 2 to meet him at the Hospital. There he is forced to witness Nadia's interrogation. 'They' want to know what was in her mind, was she attempting suicide'suicide'suicide? In the end Number 6 cannot stand any more, he orders Number 2 to 'let her go!' He offers Number 2 a deal, if he turns the girl over to him, he will try to settle down, join in. He might even carve something for the exhibition! This is a deal which Number 2 is all to ready to accept and as time passes, enjoys seeing how well Number's 6 and 8 are getting along together. In fact things couldn't be going better!

In the woods where they can be seen and not heard, Number 6 asks Nadia if she was sent here because she discovered the whereabouts of the village? 'It's no good' Nadia tells Number 6 'I couldn't swim so far!' Number 6 tells Nadia that if he knew where he was sailing from, he could calculate where he was sailing to by boat!

Number 6 has fashioned together a stone axe and chisel and under the guise of carving a sculpture {three pieces} for the exhibition, has in fact roughly hewn a boat out of the trunk of a felled tree.

Number 2 couldn't be more delighted at seeing how Number 6 is settling down and turns a blind surveillance eye regarding the tools he has made. That evening Nadia tells Number 6 where the village is, 30 miles from the Polish boarder. And that what she wants is to hear the chimes of Big Bill. 'Big Ben' Number 6 corrects her. The day of the 'Arts & Crafts Exhibition' arrives and the three piece sculpture of Number 6's is on display, much to the bewilderment of the awards committee.

However Number 6 is the winner of a special awards merit of 2,000 free work units for the best work in his class. With this he buys the tapestry of Number 38, to hang in his own home. However the tapestry acts as a sail for the boat which Number's 6 & 8 put together down on the beach at night fall, and in which they sail away from the village. The boat is picked up on radar in the control room and a guardian is despatched to bring the pair of escapees back to the village. However Nadia's contact man is waiting amid the rocks by the mouth of a cave, he has a high powered rifle and shoots at the membranic mass as it pursues Nadia and Number 6, who have by this time had to swim for it!

Once in the cave Nadia and Number 6 are sealed in a crate by Nadia's contact man, to be despatch to London via Danzig and Copenhagen, a journey of 12 hours. The crate arrives at its destination an office somewhere in London, where both the Colonel and Fotheringay are waiting to take delivery. After the crate is opened, Nadia and Number 6 pause to listen to the chimes of Big Ben, after which the Colonel is left alone with his ex colleague to begin his debriefing. 'The night is young and there are many questions, first why did you resign?' 'I resigned because for a very long time''..'

Big Ben has just struck eight, the prisoner's watch says eight. Strange when there is one hours difference between English and Polish time!

It has all been a cleverly executed plan, to make Number 6 think he is back in London. But when Number 6 walks out of the Colonels office, he does clicking his fingers, out into the village.

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