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This Number 2 believes that Number 6 was going to sell out. He wants to know what he had to sell and to whom he was going to sell it?

A doctor {Number14} has developed a new wonder drug, which hasn't even been finished testing on animals yet, let alone people! Then now is her chance, tonight and on the subject'..Number 6.

A B & CIn a laboratory Number 6 lies upon an operating table, he is drugged and has electrodes fitted to his head and wrists. A syringe {the first of three doses}, is taken and its contents injected into him. As this happens Number 6 opens his eyes and sees the doctor, her face appearing on the large wall screen. The doctor closes his eyelids and the experiment begins.

The idea is to get into Number 6's dreams, to find out what would have happened if they had not got to him first.And so the prisoner appears at Madam Engadine's celebrated party, Engadine is a friend of the prisoner's. He tells her that he is going on holiday, somewhere different, quiet where he can think. He is then introduced to 'A', a man who made world history a few years ago. He has heard news of the prisoner, who was once his friend. He is eager to find out what he has to sell. Indeed 'A' kidnaps the prisoner, well he's saving himself money!

But later a fight breaks out and the prisoner leaves his old friend 'A' lying beaten up on the ground. At least we know it wasn't 'A' he was selling out to!

Number 6 awakens in his own bed. Outside his cottage door, there is a flower seller selling flowers to Number 14 {the doctor}, Number 6 seems to recognise her and suddenly looks at his right wrist to see the small bruised puncture mark. A visit to Number 2 sees a man who drinks a lot of milk, he is apparently suffering from an ulcer. Number 6 tells him that they haven't seen a great deal of each other, to which Number 2 responds, 'I don't spend all my time spying'.

Pouring out a glass of milk for Number 2, Number 6 takes the opportunity to show him the puncture mark 'anyone who has nothing to hide would ask where I got it?' Number 2 asks where he got it?Number 6 replies in his sleep. Number 2 suggests that he must have been restless and that he should have a check up. Number 6 has a favourite doctor, Number 14!

 That night Number 6 is once again lying on an operating table in that same laboratory. A second dose of the drug has been administered. 'B' is now to be introduced, a very good spy, from a very long line of spies. Who turns out to be an old friend of Number 6. The last time he saw her, she was hiking across the mountains to Switzerland. This time the doctor not only feeds Number 6 with pictures but also with words, in order to manipulate his dream. 'B' needs something to swap, 'They' want to know why he resigned? If he just tells her it will get her off the hook, or 'They' will kill her!

But Number 6 is not falling for it, he asks 'B' questions which she cannot answer, or rather that Number 2 cannot find the answers to. 'B' is not who she pretends to be, and Number 6 walks away leaving her to her fate. The next morning Number 6 sits on the edge of his be after a second disturbed nights sleep. Now there are two tiny puncture marks on his right wrist! Later that morning as Number 14 makes her way to the laboratory, Number 6 manages to follow her undetected. He enters the laboratory via an air conditioning shaft and once the doctor has left the laboratory Number 6 makes a search and discovers what has been happening to him.

There is a third syringe, Number 6 squirts some of the liquid out, topping it up with water and there by diluting the effect of the drug. That evening Number 6 pours his nightly cup of hot Chocolate down the sink, fills a glass with water from the cold tap and drinks it. Moments later he is lying on the floor in his bedroom unconscious!

Taken to the laboratory this is Number 2's last chance, it has to be 'C', all that is known is that 'C' is French, and to have attended Engadine's parties, probably disguised. Here things begin to go wrong for Number 2, 'It's a dreamy party' and Engadine turns out to be a mere contact for Number 6. Even she works for someone else! 'C' is a man heavily disguised in black. A cloak, broad brimmed hat and face mask. To him anonymity is the best disguise and what the prisoner has to sell is merely a commodity.

Number 2 is eager to see who the man is as Number 6 tears the mask from his head. Spinning 'C' round to face those who are watching, it is Number 2 who stares back at his own face! On the wall screen he and the doctor watch as Number 6 enters the laboratory and hands Number 2 a white envelope.

Number 2 implores his alter ego on the screen to open the envelope. It contains holiday brochures.

The Prisoner really was going on holiday.

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