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The Prisoner gallops his horse across the open prairie. In the Marshal's office he hands in his Sheriff's badge, unbuckles his gun belt and drops it on the desk before walking out.

Living in HarmonyAlone on the prairie carrying his saddle on his shoulder, the man with no name is confronted by a gunslinger. Catching him off guard with his saddle, the prisoner sends him reeling backwards down a slope and is on him in an instant. But when knocked to the ground, five other men suddenly appear, the prisoner being determined tries to take them all on, but is forced to his knees by the onslaught of fists. Strapped to the back of a horse the gunmen take the prisoner to the town of 'Harmony', where he is welcomed by a Mexican, who tells him that he looks like a man who could do with a drink, 'why not try the Saloon?' Standing at the bar a glass of whisky is slide toward him, Cathy {a saloon girl} tells him that regulars get the first one on the house!

But he's not regular, and as he goes to pick up the glass, it is shot out of his hand by another gunslinger, known as 'The Kid'. With another glass in his hand the prisoner scans the salon, his eyes falling on a man sitting at a table playing solitaire, this is the Judge and at whose table the Kid stands. The Judge knows all about the man with no name, that's why he's here, he's turned in his badge and the Judge wants to hire him.

But the prisoner is not interested, he's moving on. He tries to buy a horse from the stables, the Bay is $5,000, the rest are expensive! Turning from the stables he is confronted by some of the town's people, they want to know if he fancies living in Harmony? It's a good town. But the prisoner doesn't like how its run, they can keep it!

This is an insult to the town's people and they set upon him in anger. Dropping his saddle the prisoner picks up a length of wood and turns to face them. A gunman appears and breaks it up, taking the prisoner to jail, where the Judge orders that he be locked up under protective custody. Johnson is brought out of his cell, dragged outside and hanged. Much to the distress of Cathy, who sees her brother hanging from the end of a rope!

The Kid is in the jail quenching his thirst form a bottle of whisky and looking after the prisoner, who is calmly lying back on his bunk bed in his cell. Cathy {for whom the Kid has a passion} pays the Jailhouse a visit, joining the Kid in a drink, she manages to steal the Jailhouse keys. Outside Cathy hands the prisoner the keys through the bars of his cell window. The kid now asleep in his chair from the effects of the whisky, the prisoner makes good his escape and is met by Cathy at the stable where she has a horse waiting for him. The only way out of town is due north. The prisoner doesn't get very far before he is dragged back to town at the end of a rope by the Judges men. In the Saloon a trial takes place, the people of Harmony against Cathy Johnson, for aiding and abetting the escape of a prisoner! Found guilty of the charge, Cathy is taken to the Jailhouse. Latter the trigger happy Kid tries to pick a gun fight with the prisoner, who refuses to pick up a gun. The Judge manages to pacify the Kid, telling him there's always another time. Over in the jailhouse the Kid ogles Cathy's every move, the prisoner tells the Judge to 'let her go' and snatches the Sheriffs badge out of the Judges hand. For Cathy's safety he agrees to wear the badge but not the gun, the Judge sees this as a start, his men will persuade him that it's not safe to walk around without a gun.

Take Zeke, he doesn't carry a gun either, but then he doesn't need to! Zeke picks a fight with the Sheriff, and it isn't long before the rest of the Judges men join in. But the Sheriff gives as good as he gets, and in the end is the last man left standing, if only just!

What will it take for the Sheriff to put on his gun? The Kid has picked a gun fight in the Saloon with Will, who he draws on and shoots dead. The town's people tell the Sheriff to do something about 'get some guns on!' The Sheriff and Cathy decide to leave town, but as the prisoner takes care of the lookouts on the road out of town, in the Saloon Cathy has been strangled by the Kid. This is the act which sees the prisoner finally put on his gun, and a gun fight with the Kid, leaves him lying dead in the street. A shootout with the Judges gunslingers in the Saloon, sees the man with no name shot by the Judge!

The prisoner comes too lying on the floor of the Saloon with a microphone headset on. The Judge, the Kid, and horses are all life size cardboard cut outs! Running out of town along a country lane, the prisoner reaches the village. In the Green Dome is Number 2 {the Judge}, Number 8 {the Kid} and Number 22 {Cathy}, on the wall screen the town of Harmony.

Using hallucinatory drugs, speaking through microphones, giving the prisoner love, take it away from him, isolate him, make him kill, he'll crack. However it seems that the events in 'Harmony' have had an effect on everyone concerned, as when returning to the Saloon, Number 8 strangles Number 22, then throws himself over a balcony, so that the Judge wont hit him no more!

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