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Number 6 is woken by Number 50, who is seeking his help in preventing an assassination. Not one to take anyone at face value, Number 6 forces her to spell it out to him, this so that the observers can hear her. 'They've heard, they are aware and they don't need anyone's help!' barks Number 6.

It's Your FuneralApparently 'They' don't believe her! Number 6 is very sceptical of the girl, and it soon becomes clear that she is being controlled by drugs! Number 2 watching the proceedings on a screen, is disappointed by the result, if only he had just a little more time!

It's Your FuneralThe supervisor reminds him that they are running late as it is. A telephone call from Number 1 sees Number 2 making all sorts of excuses for the lack of progress. But it is up to him to make Number 6 interested, without whose credibility, the plan might backfire!

A day's activity prognosis on Number 6 is ordered by Number 2. His assistant Number 100 is satisfied with his progress to date on 'Plan Division Q' they think of him as just another Number, kindred spirits, comrades. Number 6 is down on the lawn of the old people's home having his portrait painted, and learns all about 'Jammers'. 'Jammers', cause all kinds of mischief, hatching non existent plans of escape. But control cant know that until they have checked them out, they used to run themselves ragged. But not any more, now if control picks anything up from a known Jammer, they just let it ride.

Number 8 arrives with the activity prognosis on Number 6. He is very active, water skiing, Chess matches and his daily 'Kosho' practice, this is what Number 2 is looking for and Number 100 knows what he has in mind. At the gymnasium, Number 100 goes to Number 6's locker and while Number 6 is enjoying his 'Kosho' practice, he swaps Number 6's wrist watch for that of an identical one. Number 6 returns to his locker and finding that his watch has stopped, pays a call on the watchmaker. There he discovers a device which the watchmaker tells him is just a toy, but is in fact a radio detonator for a bomb! Outside the watchmakers Number 6 meets with Number 50, the watchmaker's daughter, that is why she was so concerned. And Number 6 has he changed his mind? Well he doesn't believe that a device to detonate explosive by radio is a toy and neither does her father!

Number 2 has been observing developments with his assistant Number 20, who whichever way you look at it, sees 'Plan Division Q' as murder! Monique {Number 50} and Number 6 visit her father to try and get him to change his mind, but he determined to see it through and wants to hear no more. He has met no one here who has committed a crime, he is going to protest in a manner they cannot ignore. It is the only way in which to wake the citizens from their lethargy! Assuming that they survive the punishment! Number 2 is delighted with the progress so far and couldn't be more pleased when Number 6 comes to pay him a call, warning him of the assassination plot against him. Number 2 feigns that he is unconcerned and makes Number 6 repeat his warning several times over, unknown that his every word is being recorded and will be edited against him into several such warnings!

Number 2 asks Number 6 to find out for him how they intend to go about it, for the laugh will do him an awful lot of good. Number 6 tells him that he may find out quite suddenly, and in which case he wont be laughing! Number 6 having no choice but to go on with it, he and Monique discover that her father has made a replica of 'The Great Seal of Office' worn by Number2 at ceremonies, and it's packed with explosive! Returning to the Green Dome, Number 6 wants to see Number 2, but there is another Number 2 now sitting in the chair, an older man who informs Number 6 that he has been on leave. He also is aware of the repeated warnings made by Number 6 to each of the interim Number 2's to serve here while he has been on leave, warnings of an assassination plot!

These warnings have been doctored, by his 'heir presumptive', soon to be the new Number 2, the current Number 2 is up for retirement. Number 6 warns him about 'The Great Seal of Office' being packed with explosive, and is to be detonated by radio at the 'Appreciation Day' ceremony. Number 2 minds what is about to happen to him, 'assassination' substitute 'execution!' Since it is by his own people, what can he do?

It looks very much like that 'They' are trying to save a pension! Appreciation Day arrives and the citizens gather to show their appreciation to those who govern us so wisely. The speeches by both Number 2's are given from the balcony of the Gloriette, and several 'Top-Hat' dignitaries are present. Monique and Number 6 find her father up in the Bell Tower with the detonator at the ready, there is little time left. With the explosion not yet occurred, Number 2 orders Number 100 to find out what's wrong. There is a fight between Number 100 who is no match for Number 6, who leaves him lying unconscious on the ground. On the balcony Number 6 gives the detonator to the retiring Number 2, it's his passport out of here.

The 'Seal of Office' now hangs about the head and shoulders of the new Number 2. Now he can look forward to his own retirement, and I'm sure 'They' will arrange something equally suitable for him, when the day comes!

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