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Number 73 during an interrogation by Number 2, commits suicide by jumping from a Hospital window, Number 6 who hears her scream arrives too late to save her, and is told by Number 2 that he will pay for his interference. 'No you will' promises Number 6.

Hammer Into AnvilHaving ignored instructions from Number 2 to come and see him, Number 6 is forcibly taken to the Green Dome by Number 2's assistant Number 14 and three thugs. During the interview Number 2 tells Number 6 that you have to be Hammer or Anvil, and sees Number 6 as the Anvil whom he is going to Hammer, as he promises to break Number 6.

Hammer Into AnvilNumber 6 sees a flaw in Number 2's character, he is afraid of his masters, not to mention more than a touch paranoid! Number 6 then gets to work on Number 2's paranoia, by pretending that he has word from XO4 via a record of Bizet's L'arlesienne and writes something down on a piece of paper. He also makes a question mark over the word 'security' in the Tally Ho. This is of course observed by the shop keeper, who reports to Number 2, who having seen a written page from Number 6's writing pad, now thinks Number 6 is a plant, 'D6', sent here by 'their' masters. Number 6 knowing that 'they' are watching, hides a white envelope in the cabin of the stone boat, where Number's 2 and 14 find it.

Number 2 convinced that there is something written on the blank sheets of paper, words, figures, anything. But as a lab technician tries to explain to him, they are just blank sheets of paper!' Why should Number 6 hide blank sheets of paper in the stone boat?'

The technician has no idea. Number 6 then puts a private advert in the Tally Ho news paper, 'Hey mas aml en el aldea que se suena' a private joke between him and a certain friend. Then a call to the Hospital, Psychiatrics, head of the department, and in an authoritative voice asks the doctor about his report on our friend, Number 2. Of course the doctor hasn't the faintest idea of what the caller is talking about. The doctor tells Number 2 that he is not making a report on his mental health, but Number 2 doesn't believe him!

It was Number 6's voice on the telephone, and has the entire conversation on tape, he wants to know why Number 6 called him? The doctor suggests that he ask him! Number 2 then loose it, 'don't tell me what to do, would you like to sit in that chair?

Number 2 allows the doctor to leave, but it is not long before another citizen is brought before him, the leader of the Brass Band. Apparently Number 6 asked a request to be played, 'Farandale' from 'L'arlesienne', but then simply walked away! Number 2 is convinced that Number 6 said something other than asking for a request to be played, but the Band leader doesn't know what Number 2 is talking about. He is as much in the dark as Number 2 is! A birthday greeting to Number 6 from Number 113 is announced by the supervisor from the control room. It is not Number 6's birthday, and Number 113 doesn't exist, an old woman she died a month ago!

Now in the control room, Number 2 is in a rage, he sees the supervisor as working against him and has him replaced, warning the new supervisor to steer clear of Number 6 or he will loose more than his job! In his office Number 2 is studying a message Number 14 found in the personal column of the Tally Ho, a translation reads 'there is more harm in the village than is dreamt'. Number 14 is loyal to Number 2, and suggests that something be done about Number 6, he's out to poison the whole village! Number 2 sees that if anything happens to Number 6, our masters would find out who was responsible. Number 14 assures Number 2 that 'they' will never connect him with it. He is only too eager to 'dust' Number 6 down! Number 6 offers 'Kosho', Number 14 accepts the challenge, a bout which neither of them win! And so Number 6 continues with his plan of 'Disinformation', he places a Cuckoo clock at the door of the Green Dome, he sends off a coded message, tied to the leg of a Pigeon.

Number 2 is convinced it's a bomb, however as a bomb disposal man dismantles the Cuckoo clock it is clear that that is all it is! The pigeon captured, the coded message is fed into a computer and deciphered, 'vital message tomorrow at 06:00 by visual signal'.

On the beach Number 6 sends a Morse code by a mirror, which is taken down by an observer. The message is fed into a computer, but what goes in comes out, a new code and the computers not programmed for it! At the Caf', the waiter reports to Number 2 that Number's 6 and 14 were talking together. Number 2 wants to know what was said between them. Apparently Number 6 asked 14 if he had slept well, then spoke a lot of rubbish, then that the waiter was watching. Number 2 thought that 14 was the one man he could trust, but it is clear to him that Number 14 is a traitor and turns on him in a fit of rage, as he does his Butler.

Number 14 goes to '6 Private' accusing Number 6 of putting the poison in. A brutal fight ensues and 14 is thrown out through the French window and over the balcony. Number 2 now all alone is a broken man, a weak link in the chain of command waiting to be broken!

'You have to be Hammer or Anvil, remember?' Number 6 reminds him. And so Number2 is left to report a break down in control and that Number 2 needs to be replaced.

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