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A large chess board has been set up on the village lawn, Number 6 is asked if he plays chess and if he will be the White Queen's Pawn?

CheckmateThis Number 6 readily accepts and takes his place upon the board, where he begins to question the White Queen, Number 8. 'Who is Number 1? Why were you brought here?'

The White Queen points out a good move on the board, but Number 6 knows a better one, away from this place! The game continues when suddenly and without the move being called, the Rook steps forward to the end rank on the board and calls out 'check!'

CheckmateMoments later the supervisor from the control room calls for the substitute and ordering the removal of the White Queen's Rook to Hospital. A taxi towing behind it a Red Cross trailer arrives at the chess board. Two medics carry the Rook away on a stretcher, and take him in the ambulance to the Hospital. After which the chess game continues. 'What's all that about?' asks Number 6.

'Cult of the individual, it isn't allowed. He'll be well looked after, they'll get the best specialists to treat him' retorts the White Queen. After the chess match, Number 6 is invited to take a walk with the chess champion. He explains to Number 6 why both sides look alike, how to tell the blacks from the whites. It is simple psychology, the way it is in life. You judge by attitudes, you soon find out who's for or against you.

Number 8 follows Number 6, she asks him when he is going to escape? If it's a good plan she will help him with it, at least she will be able to tell him what not to try, seeing that she has helped others with their plans! Number 6 doesn't know if he can trust her, and it's a chance he is not willing to take!

The next morning Number 2 takes Number 6 to the Hospital to see the Rook, he didn't want him to worry! The Rook is under going therapy treatment. 'Don't tell me, it hurts you more than it hurts him!' says Number 6 to Number 2 at seeing what the Rook is going through. 'In society one must learn to conform' returns Number 2. The Doctor carrying out the therapy treatment would like to know Number 6's breaking point!

Number 6 tells her that she could make that her life's ambition! Later out in the village Number 6 is carrying out his own experiment, distinguishing between the blacks and the whites! Fellow prisoners are subservient to him, warders are distinctly aggressive towards him working on their subconscious arrogance! By this simple act of psychology, Number 6 gathers about him men whom he can trust, fellow prisoner who want to escape. The Rook being an electronics engineer, puts together a radio transmitter, from parts stolen from around the village, including the transistors from a 'reaction transmitter', hidden in a locket on a chain worn about Number 8's neck. Number 8 has been brainwashed into believing that she is in love with Number 6 and he with her. 'Love, your crazy, and a slight shower wont wash away my doubts!' She only wants to be near him, but as Number 6 tells her 'everybody's near in this place, far too near!'

Later that day, Number 6 begins to gather his men 'tonight at moon set, rook to queen's pawn 6, check'. As darkness falls, Number 6 sends out a radio distress call under the guise of an aircraft in trouble at sea. The control room picks up the radio message, as does M.S Polotska, the supervisor reports it to Number 2 who orders it be left to M.S Polotska.

Down on the beach the Rook is cast off upon a rubber lilo as he sends out a distress signal, bring the boat inshore. Number 6 meets with his other men at the stone boat, their first objective is to take out the search light crew in the Bell Tower. Then at the Green Dome, to deal with Number 2, who they tie up. Not very original, but you will find that good old brute force can be very effective!

Suddenly the signal stops, Number 6 leaves his men with Number 2 and rushes off to see what's happened. The lilo is on the shore, but of the Rook there is no sign. Number 6 has two choices, return to the Green Dome, or set off on the lilo himself and there by contacting their rescuers himself. In the darkness there is a light from a boat, they have been searching for survivors. Number 6 has had a lucky escape as the crew see it, they don't know how lucky!

In the wheelhouse of the boat, Number 2 appears on a television screen, he is sorry to disappoint Number 6, the Polotaska is 'their' ship, he wouldn't have stood a chance in that toy boat! In the Green Dome Number 6's men have released Number 2, having been convinced by the Rook that Number 6 is one of 'Them!' He accuses Number 6 of deliberately trying to trick him, and Number 6 accuses the Rook of being one of 'Them'.

There has been slight misunderstanding. The Rook carried out on Number 6 one of his own tests, of selecting guardians by detecting their subconscious arrogance. This convinced him that Number 6 was one of us, and he convinced the others'.. who will be back on the chess board tomorrow, as pawns!

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