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Number 6 has once again been drugged via his nightly cup of hot chocolate and a doctor is having an experiment carried out upon him, this in order to try and make him talk. However Number 6 is made of sterner stuff and would have died before he would have talked.

Dance Of The DeadNumber 2 does not want him broken, he must be won over, this man has a future with us, there are other ways. The next morning a maid, Number 54, brings Number 6 his breakfast on a tray, and he receives a special delivery via the postman, an invitation to The Carnival and Dance, its one of their little traditions, each rear a fancy dress ball is held in the evening and this year a Cabaret is promised. Number 2 suggests that Number 6 is too independent, he should find himself a young lady for Carnival and suggests one of three young attractive women.

Dance of the DeadHowever Number 6 chooses a young lady of his own, whom Number 2 sees as 'quite unsuitable'. But Number 6 is independent and goes over to speak to the young woman sitting on her own. As he approaches she makes to leave.

Number 6 asks her not to go, is he playing her game or Number 2's? He questions Number 240, 'how long have you been here? What did you do to have yourself brought here? Number 240's only response is 'questions are a burden to others answers a prison for oneself', then finally gets up and walks off the Town Hall, followed by Number 6 who later discovers that Number 240 is in fact his 'Observer'.

That evening a maid brings Number 6 his nightly cup of hot Chocolate, telling him that it is good for him. 'Good for someone!' Number 6 does not drink it and having never seen a night since his arrival to the village, he manages to escape his cottage via the French door and balcony, breaking the nightly curfew!

Down on the beach, Number 6 sees the guardian coming towards him and so begins to run. The guardian keeps pace with Number 6 at the shores edge, who now tests himself against 'it', running along the shore. But he is no match for the guardian, who easily keeps pace with the now tiring Number 6 who finally beaten, falls exhausted to his knees on the sand. Having spent the night asleep on the beach, Number 6 finds a body washed up on the shore. In the dead mans pockets he find a wallet and small transistor radio, the body he hides in a nearby cave before returning to his cottage. Later sitting on an outlook atop of the cliffs, Number 6 is listening to a message given out on the radio, however he is interrupted by Number 2 and his observer.

Number 2 sees the radio as being 'hardly useful' and his observer-Number 240 should report it, ask for instructions. Returning to the cave, Number 6 adds a photograph of himself, a rough map of the village together with a short note 'To whom so ever may find this'''..'

Then a red and white life belt is tied to the dead mans body, dragged across the sand and set adrift to be carried away by the outgoing tide. A man is standing by the cave watching Number 6, his name is Roland Walter Dutton, a man who has told 'Them' everything! But 'They do not believe him and has been released for seventy two hours, so that he can reconsider in the peaceful atmosphere of ''. the village!

Number 6 now dressed in his own suite specially for 'The Ball', is allowed to enter the Town Hall, its Carnival where everyone is in fancy dress except Number 6, who quickly takes advantage to make a reconnoitre. Most doors in the Town Hall are locked, however when he finds his way into the mortuary, Number 6 discovers the dead man from the beach. Number 2 tells Number 6 that the wallet in the dead mans pocket will be amended slightly, he will be amended slightly! Number 6 makes the most of his opportunities, you cant blame us for doing the same.

And so it is Number 6 who has died in an accident at sea, and so to the outside world, he'll be dead! Returning to 'The Ball' Number 6 is put on trial, his crime? Possession of a radio set, which breaks 'The Rules. Number 2 {peter pan}his Defender, his observer {little Bo-peep}his Prosecutor and three Judges, Nero, Napoleon and Elizabeth 1st decide! During his trial Number 6 is allowed to call a character witness, a man he thinks he once knew, Roland Walter Dutton, the only man better fitted to say the things that need to be said! Dutton is brought before the court, a brainwashed imbecile in a court Jesters costume, with an inane grin on his face! The three Judges then consider the pleas of both the prosecutor and Defender, and find the prisoner guilty. The sentence is death! The accused has been sentenced in the name of the people, the people carry it out in the name of justice.

The prisoner is chased along the corridors by a mob of screaming citizens, who are out for blood. Number 6 manages to evade his pursuers and finds his way into an elaborately decorated room. Behind a screen a teleprinter is typing away, Number 6 pulls out its wiring and the machine stops. Number 2 tells him that Number 240 is no longer his observer, observers of life should never get involved. Number 6 tells Number 2 that she will never win, just as the teleprinter starts to work again.

'Then how very uncomfortable for you old chap!' laughs Number 2.

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