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While enjoying a cup of coffee at the Cafe, there comes an announcement over the public address system.

'This is an announcement from the general's office, would all students taking the three part history course, return to their dwellings immediately'.

The GeneralDown on the professor is running away, being chased by his students/citizens and the Helicopter. Number 6 is studying a yellow poster of the professor.

'Our aim,
One hundred percent entry
One hundred percent pass'
'Speed learn, a three year course in three minutes
It can be done. Trust me'

Number 12 {a cog in the machine}points out to Number 6 that a three year university degree course in three minutes is not impossible. Number 6 points out that nothing is impossible in this place. Down on the beach, the professor has been caught by his students, who manhandle him back to the village. Number 6 by this time is also down on the beach and has stumbled across a tape recorder. However before he can listen to what is on the recorder, a taxi with two prefects aboard pulls up, and Number 6 is forced to bury the tape recorder in the sand. The prefects ask Number 6 what he is doing here? He doesn't want to start the term with a black mark, and offer a lift to take him home. The professor's lecture begins and is transmitted subliminally to the students through their television sets. Number 6 is sitting in front of his television set and doesn't realise what is taking place, all he can see on the screen is the face of the professor and not the sublimater behind it! After the lecture, Number 2 enters '6 Private' with a man carrying a detector device, who begins to make a sweep of the cottage. Number 2 tells him that they are looking for the professor's recorder with all his notes on it. Number 6 suggests that his man should look in the wardrobe.

The tape recorder isn't there which Number 2 finds 'most amusing Number 6'. He asks Number 6 if he is still as keen to leave us? Perhaps a compromise could be arranged in exchange for the recorder. The lecture has been a great success, he cannot believe that he took part in the lecture. However a few questions from Number 2 and Number 6 answer's them without pausing to think, even though history is not Number 6's subject.

With only fifteen minutes to curfew, Number 6 returns to the beach to retrieve the professor's recorder. Only it is no longer there, Number 12 has discovered it and is hiding in the bushes. Number 12 hands the recorder to Number 6, as it is his passport out of here, Number 2 having made a deal for it. 'What was the treaty of Adrianople?' asks Number 12. 'September 1829' answers Number 6. Number 12 asked what, not when. It seems Number 6 is in need of some special coaching! Left alone on the beach Number 6 finally gets to hear the message on the recorder.

'This is the professor speaking, you are being tricked. 'Speed Learn' is an abomination. It is slavery, if you want to be free, there is only one way. Destroy The General. Learn this and learn it well, The General must be destroyed'. During the evening the streets of the village are open to a Mardi Gras, student and citizens alike celebrating the joys of 'Speed Learn'. The only one unaffected by this collective madness is Number 6! An act of sabotage is carried out in '6 Private', bringing both an electrician and Number 12 of administration onto the scene. During the fifteen seconds they have, Number 12 gives Number 6 the professor's message, which has been put on a thin metallic tube and is to be transmitted during the professor's next lecture. Provided with the garb of a 'Top-Hat' official from Number 12 in administration, Number 6 joins the other 'Top-Hats' official's as they enter the Town Hall.

Number 2 is already there as preparations for the professor's lecture are being made. Also there is to be a meeting of members of the board, to whom a complete breakdown on the entire operation will be made. As for Number 2, he can say in advance that the experiment is going to be a one hundred percent success. Whoever an over confident Number 2 has not allowed for the ingenuity of Number 6, who has gained entry to the projection room. Over powered the projectionist and is now standing by to transmit the professor's message.

However the poor old chap has wounded hand in the struggle with the projectionist and Number 2 sees this as final clearance is called. Two security men are despatched to capture Number 6 and now he face's stern interrogation by Number's 12 and 2 in the boardroom. 'Who are they? Who let you in? What are their names? There's an organisation, dissidents, who's the head man?' Number 2 sees Number 6 as trained conspirator, a very hard man and the freedom to learn, the liberty to make mistakes, old fashioned slogans! There is only one way for Number 2 to solve his current problem to let The General do it for him, because there is no question which The General cannot answer, given the basic facts. Seeing that the game is about up for Number 12, Number 6 asks The General a question which cannot be answered.


It is insoluble for man or machine.

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