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An early call from Number 2 brings breakfast on a tray, carried by Number 58.

Today is the start of the election campaign. The citizens make their choice every twelve months, is Number 6 going to run? Like blazes, the first chance he gets! But Number 2 means 'run for office', his for instance. Number 6 accuses him of having a delicate sense of humour.

Free for All'Humour is the very essence of a democratic society' returns Number 2. Number 6 decides to 'run for office', well he might as well while he's waiting. And if he wins Number 1 may no longer be a mystery to him! Both candidates make their first speeches from a balcony of the Gloriette, and Number 6 receives much applause and cheering from the citizens and at one point is showered in confetti. A taxi and driver is made available to Number 6 for the duration of the election. Number 58 is the driver, but Number 6 is far from happy, as she doesn't speak English!

Number 6 is expected to attend the dissolution of the out going Council at the Town Hall. On the way Number 6 is questioned by a member of the press for the Tally Ho newspaper.

The reporter asks several questions, and when Number 6 replies with 'no comment' the reporter writes down answers to his own questions! In the Council chamber of the Town Hall, Number 6 stands before the Number 2 and the Council members. The final resolution of this out going Council is a vote of thanks to Number 6. It is carried unanimously and there is no further business at this time.

Number 6 is allowed to ask questions, like 'Who do you represent?' 'To what place or country do you owe allegiance?' 'Whose side are you on?' And further, accusing to proceedings to be a farce, the village to be a 20th century Bastile! Accusing the member's of the Council as being nothing more than a bunch of 'Tailors dummies' and 'brainwashed imbeciles!'

For this Number 6 has to face 'The Test', this in order to make sure that his intention to run for office was genuine. During this truth test the Labour Exchange manager is warned 'not to damage the tissue!'

Number 6 then leaves the Labour Exchange in something of a brainwashed state of mind, and the mass of the citizens appear to be on his side, ready to vote for him and only him!

But the effect of this brainwashing does not lasting it soon begins to wear off as Number 6 makes a bid for freedom, via a speed boat. Over powering the tow men on board and setting off for the open sea. Only to be pursued by Number 2 in a Helicopter and have his impromptu escape attempt thwarted by the village guardian.

After further conditioning Number 6 returns to the election with renewed vigour. In his speech from the Stone boat, Number 6 promises the citizens 'every conceivable, civilised amenity within their boundary'. 'They can enjoy themselves and they will. Apply to him and it will be easier and better!'

Evening comes and Number 6 is in the 'Cat & Mouse Club' wanting an alcoholic drink. But only non-alcoholic Gin, Whisky, Vodka are served here.

Number 58 knows where he can get a drink, in 'The therapy Zone', a cave on the edge of the village. Here Number 2 is quietly getting drunk, as 'The Brewer' brews his brew. Number 6 states that he wants a double, without water and takes a seat opposite Number 2 who makes a toast, 'to hell with the village!' But this is only a front, Number 2 is not an alcoholic, and Number 6 has only received a drug in his drink, exact proportions to carry him through the elections.

Election day arrives, all the speeches have been made, and now it up to the electorate to decide. Number 6 is elected with a unanimous majority, as the new Number 2 and is duly taken to the Green Dome by Number 2 and Number 58. If the new Number 2 wants to know anything, 'just press a button'. Left alone in the office of Number 2, Number 58 and the 'new' Number 2 {Number 6}, begins to press buttons on the control panel of the desk. Pictures appear on the wall screen, chairs rise up through the floor and all at the touch of a button!

Then comes a high pitched sound, and colourful lights appear on the screen. Number 2 comes into an immediate trance and is put facing the screen by Number 58, who then turns him away and slaps his face over and over. This slaps Number 2 on the face several times, snapping Number 2 out of his trance like state. 'This is their chance' he shouts into two telephones, his voice bellowing out across the village via the public address system.

'This is our chance, obey me and be free. Listen to me you are free, free, free to go, free to go'. But the citizens take no notice of the voice booming out at them all over the village, they simply go about their lives and business. In the end Number 6 is a beaten man. It is not he who is the 'new' Number 2, that position has been filled by Number 58!

She looks down sternly at Number 6, 'will you never learn, this is only the beginning, we do not wish to damage you permanently. Are you ready to talk?

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