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Not A Number

A new Patrick McGoohan biography is coming out in 2011, find out more about the book and the author.

When Patrick McGoohan first hit UK screens starring as Danger Man in 1960 and as 'No 6' in cult show The Prisoner. Audiences were struck by his charisma, industry insiders hailed the arrival of an enigmatic genius and Hollywood beckoned. But who was this man who had worked as a chicken farmer and bank clerk before becoming a hugely successful actor?

In this new biography, Rupert Booth reveals the true character of a man whose off-screen behaviour was as compelling as his fiery on-screen persona. Why was he so puritanical? Refusing to even kiss a woman for any part he played? Why was he so controlling over his work in The Prisoner and other productions?

It is a timely exploration of the man whose declaration 'I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed or numbered' continues to resonate with audiences decades after it was first uttered with such conviction.

The new book is 288 pages and available to pre-order. 

Buy online: Not A Number: Patrick McGoohan: a Life

Rupert Booth is an actor and writer living in London. He co-owns the production company Wildeyes TV and is currently working on several books in his spare time. In 2004 he co-wrote with Jon Blum, the first Powys Media's series of Prisoner spin-off novels which was received to critical acclaim and he has been a fan of Patrick McGoohan since he saw the series.

The book is published by SUPERNOVA BOOKS, a new press that will explore the arts in innovative ways, giving voice to creative groups and individuals that may be marginalised within their chosen fields. Looking beyond the mainstream, the aim is to examine the bolder and more extreme creative thinkers as well as those enjoying critical acclaim. They will launch in March 2011 with the biography of Patrick McGoohan.

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