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Lucky fans of The Prisoner will be making their way to the series’ film location in North Wales later this week.

They will celebrate star Patrick McGoohan’s 80th birthday and the show’s 40th anniversary at Portmeirion next weekend.

Organised by Six of One, the official appreciation society, the three-day convention will feature actors from two key episodes, Earl Cameron and Jane Merrow.

Earl Cameron said: “I don’t think anybody ever gets to know Patrick McGoohan too well. He’s a very private person, a man with great principles, but he’s a very lone person. He’s a hard worker, a man who knows his craft very well. A kind of power emanated from him.”

Hundreds of fans around the world who are “Six of One” members will be hoping to attend the event.

Re-enactments from the series can be seen by the public over the weekend. Portmeirion has a quarter of a million visitors each year, many of whom visit because of the Prisoner connection.

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