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The Prisoner (1967)

This section is a complete guide to the original cult classic 1960's TV drama - The Prisoner.

Click on the items below to find out more about the world of Number Six and The Village.

We asked "Have you ever been to a Prisoner Convention? " in May and June 2008. The results are as follows:

  • Never  -  79.8%     
  • A Few Times  - 9.6%     
  • Once - 7.4%     
  • Every One - 3.2%


We stumbled across something truly interesting for Prisoner fans and while it's been around for quite a while is worth sharing. It's all about a scene written for "The Girl Who Was Death" but was never actually filmed.

The Prisoner and BeerRaindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Beer and The Prisoner, these are a few of my favorite things.
If you love The Prisoner and enjoy a glass or two then Bromsgove is the place to be this July.

The Bromsgrove Beer Festival takes place between July 10 and 12 at the town's rugby club. This year, there will be 100 real ales, 24 ciders and perries and fruit wines.

The event has been themed around the cult TV series The Prisoner - this is the sixth beer festival and number six was the one allocated to the main character, played by Patrick McGoohan.


ITV to sell The Prisoner via iTunesITV is to sell some of its best-known shows, including cult classic “The Prisoner,” via iTunes in the U.K.

Users can choose from more than 260 hours of programming, with ground-breaking fare, such as the country house classic “Brideshead Revisited,” available alongside police dramas like “Inspector Morse” and spin-off show “Lewis.”

Other archive fare covered by the deal includes “The Saint” and Gerry Anderson’s puppet classic “Captain Scarlet.”


We have a new poll online. It's all about the Prisoner Convention, vote now.

The results of our previous vote are as follows:

 Who is your favourite Prisoner character?

  • Rover - 35.8%    
  • The Butler - 2.1%   
  • The girl who was death - 16%    
  • Number 48 - 15.1%    
  • Cobb - 0.9%    

Lucky fans of The Prisoner will be making their way to the series’ film location in North Wales later this week.

They will celebrate star Patrick McGoohan’s 80th birthday and the show’s 40th anniversary at Portmeirion next weekend.

Organised by Six of One, the official appreciation society, the three-day convention will feature actors from two key episodes, Earl Cameron and Jane Merrow.

Earl Cameron said: “I don’t think anybody ever gets to know Patrick McGoohan too well. He’s a very private person, a man with great principles, but he’s a very lone person. He’s a hard worker, a man who knows his craft very well. A kind of power emanated from him.”

Hundreds of fans around the world who are “Six of One” members will be hoping to attend the event.

Re-enactments from the series can be seen by the public over the weekend. Portmeirion has a quarter of a million visitors each year, many of whom visit because of the Prisoner connection.

The Prisoner - Back on ITVTo coincide with Patrick McGoohan's 80's birthday, ITV is showing The Prisoner.

Arrival will be shown at 8pm on ITV on Wednesday 19th March.

You can also catch repeats on ITV4 onThursday 20th at 10.25am and again at 3.00pm.

Further episodes will follow, continuing with The Chimes of Big Ben on Wednesday 26th at 8.00pm. It's a great chance to introduce new people to The Prisoner - let your friends know what all the fuss is about! 

Visit KAR 120CNeed something to do this Half Term - with or without the kids?

Check out Cars of the Stars in Cumbria.

Indulge your Top Gear fantasies with a visit to Cars of the Stars, Keswick's celebrity motor museum. Even young children should find this collection fascinating. Girls can drool over Lady Penelope's slinky pink four-wheeler; boys can skulk around the collection of Batmobiles. The exhibits also include Del Boy's Reliant van from Only Fools and Horses and Patrick McGoohan's Lotus 7 from The Prisoner.

They also have a replica Mini Moke - the vehicles used as taxi's in The Prisoner.

Chart the passing fads and fashions of the auto world through the extensive collection of James Bond cars, and don't miss oddities such as the Munsters' rickety Koach, and the ancient racer from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. If you get really carried away, you can rent a celebrity vehicle from £500 a day; otherwise a family tickets costs a more manageable £14.

Tel:   017687 73757  

Kevin Stoney, the acclaimed actor who portrayed two of the greatest villains in the original series of Doctor Who, has died at the age of 86.

Kevin Stoney dies at 86He played Colonel J in the second episode of The Prisoner - The Chimes of Big Ben.

Stoney first appeared in Doctor Who as Guardian of the Solar System Mavic Chen, confronting William Hartnell's Doctor in the 1965 story The Daleks' Master Plan. Three year's later, he returned to battle Patrick Troughton as Tobias Vaughn in the Cyberman epic The Invasion.

Stoney's last appearance in Doctor Who was in 1975. He played the Vogan Tyrum in Revenge of the Cybermen. Kevin was also well known for roles in such classic series as Blake's 7, I, Claudius and The Tomorrow People.

The Prisoner in "Best Top Ten Endings" of all timeEvery life has many endings, and so does every TV show. With last week's sad death of actress Suzanne Pleshette, both came into strong focus. Shows that are lucky enough to last into a final season - and know it - often try to go out with a wrap-it-all-up, what-happens-to-the characters kind of finale that few programs get a chance to do.

Most are cancelled before the writers - when they're not on strike - can wrap everything up. And some get a big goodbye, but don't live up to the hype - like "Seinfeld", "Friends" or "Cheers." Others, such as "Third Rock From The Sun" or "Frasier", are satisfying but hardly history making.

But sometimes, there are magical moments, when a beloved series gets to leave on its own terms, before the axe falls. With the late Ms. Pleshette in mind, here's a look at a completely subjective list of the greatest TV farewells in history. Some will surprise you. Others you will never have seen on a list like this before. And a few you'll violently disagree with - although chances are, the top two are the same in just about anyone's TV guide.


Weather presenter Siân Lloyd has secretly married at a private ceremony, just a month after getting engaged.

Ms Lloyd, 49, married motor racing entrepreneur Jonathan Ashman, 59, at the luxury Portmeirion Hotel in Snowdonia.

Mr Ashman proposed last month while the pair were on holiday at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Staff at the luxury five-star hotel were sworn to secrecy, but the pair – who have struck a magazine deal for coverage of the wedding – were rumbled by other guests enjoying a New Year break.

Stifyn Parri, a close friend of Ms Lloyd and a guest at the wedding, said the event had been “very tasteful and very Welsh”.

“It was a short, simple ceremony, there was no fuss and no nonsense,” he said. “I gave Siân a gift of a Welsh cheese, a St Dwynwen’s cheese from Anglesey in the shape of a heart.

“Our friendship is based on laughter and eating, and there was plenty of both.

“It was all very, very simple. I think we got together at 12.30pm and left about 4pm. We were in a private room at the back of the hotel at Portmeirion which looks down on the beach. It was just very elegant and simple.”

Among the seven guests were opera singer Bryn Terfel and former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s son Euan, who is dating Mr Ashman’s 19-year-old daughter Suzanne.

Ms Lloyd wore a designer cream dress and took part of her wedding vows in Welsh.

She and Mr Ashman were booked into a nearby holiday home in the picturesque Italianate village.

A guest at the hotel, who photographed the bride on his digital camera as she left wearing an ankle-length cream coat with faux fur collar, said, “It was a very private ceremony and it was extremely low key. The hotel was full at the time, but I think it was with people largely unconnected with the wedding.

“She came back into the hotel about an hour later wearing designer jeans and more casual clothing saying she had left something in the hotel and had come back for it.”

The village of Portmeirion became famous as the backdrop for 1960s TV classic The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan.

Ms Lloyd, from Neath, had previously been engaged to Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik, but the pair split in 2006. Mr Opik is now with Gabriela Irimia, 24, of the Cheeky Girls pop duo.

The Montgomeryshire MP said yesterday as he was filmed trying his hand at clay pigeon shooting at the Mid Wales Shooting Centre, near Llanidloes, “I don’t want to be rude, but Siân has spent an awful lot of the past 14 months talking about me and my relationship with Gabriela.

“I hope now she’s married, she will really be able to move on... she decided to end her relationship with me and I must respect that. She has a new husband, I have Gabriela now I hope she’ll wish me well as I wish her.”

Mr Ashman and Ms Lloyd first met in March last year at a reception in the Wales Office in Whitehall, hosted by Welsh Secretary Peter Hain, a friend of Mr Ashman’s. The Welsh Secretary has since joked about his ability to play cupid.

He said yesterday, “I’m delighted for both of them, they are both good people and Siân of course is a Welsh star in her own right.

“Jonathan is somebody I have known for 15 years as a fellow motor-racing enthusiast, and the fact that they met at a Wales Office reception and instantly hit it off is wonderful.”

Mr Ashman has been married previously but it was the first time for Ms Lloyd.

The couple now divide their time between Ms Lloyd’s’s home in Mid Wales and her new husband’s luxury mansion in Kensington.

Mr Ashman is president of the FIA Touring Car Commission, and chairs the World Touring Car Championship Bureau.

He was formerly marketing director of the Motor Sports Association, partly responsible for staging the British Grand Prix.

Ms Lloyd has worked as a TV weather presenter for 18 years.

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