Episode Summary

A man awakes in an isolated desert community called the Village with no idea of how he came there. He is designated "Six" and the Villager's administrator, Two, attempts to assimilate him into the community.

Six discovers that his brother is in the Village but isn't sure who he really is. 

Two tries to deal with his son's growing sense of rebellion.

US Air Date (AMC): Sunday 15 November 2009
UK Air Date (ITV): Unconfirmed
France Air Date (Canal+): Unconfirmed


Episode 1 of original show was also called Arrival.

The "Number" has been dropped from characters names, so "Number Six" becomes just "Six".


Shopkeeper: You crack me up, Six.

Six: You've not seen me before.
Shopkeeper: No, sir. You, I would remember.
Six: But you know my...
Shopkeeper: Welcome to the Village. Everybody knows everybody. Be seein' ya! 

Six: Well... I want out.
Two: You tried that! There is no "out." There is only "in."

Two: A man with nothing to hide, is a man with nothing to find.

Six: I will find a way to escape! Do you hear me? I am not a number! I'm a free man! 

Six: What is it they want from me? They must have told you something.

16: My head is so confused with confusion. I... I don't even know if what I just told you is true or not. 

Main Cast Information

  • James Caviezel will star in the role of Number 6
  • Ian McKellen takes on the role of Number 2
  • Ruth Wilson as #313
  • Lennie James as #147 
  • Jamie Campbell Bower as #11-12, number 2's estranged son
  • Hayley Atwell is also cast as #4-15
Other Cast

John Whiteley - 93
David Butler (III) - Shopkeeper
Renate Stuurman - 23-56
Rachael Blake - M2
Jeffrey R. Smith - 16
Thomas West - Young Steven
Oliver Adams - Young Michael
Wilmien Roussouw - 80-88
Ashleigh Lopez - 26's Daughter
Isabella Calthorpe - 765 (Wonkers)
Will Kemp - 23-30 (Wonkers)
Matthew Wild - Service Rep
Dar Dash - 46-5 (Wonkers)
James Cunningham - 70/Shadow 70
Leila Henriques - Working Woman

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