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Factory Entertainment has secured the worldwide master toy license for multiple categories for the iconic television drama The Prisoner, licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Ltd. 

Factory Entertainment

The deal encapsulates the upcoming AMC and ITV Studios produced remake of The Prisoner staring Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen, together with the classic Patrick McGoohan hit TV series from the 1960's. The six-part mini-series event premieres on AMC in November.

Product to be released will include: Action Figures, Prop Replicas, Trading Cards and Die cast and product will begin launching internationally from Winter 2009 and in the UK in Spring 2010. 

Darren Epstein, CEO, Factory Entertainment said ''There is already a huge buzz about the new Prisoner - which we believe will be every bit as successful as the original cult series. We're looking forward to releasing the all new range of products that will reflect and target both the new and classic customer fan base.''

Victoria Preston, Senior Licensing Manager at ITV Global Entertainment said "We're delighted to be announcing this new license with Factory. The Prisoner is an incredibly powerful and unique TV brand; a proven hit since the 60's, the all new drama series is set to become one of the World's most exciting and compelling primetime offerings. We believe the wide and varied collection of master-toy products will captivate audiences of all ages."

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