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Check out all the latest news and information about The Prisoner remake starring James Caviezel and Ian McKellen.

The Prisoner Won't Be A CopyThe media has been given an early look at The Prisoner. The footage was still pretty rough but one thing was clear, the six episodes aren't going to be copies of the original.

"We're huge fans of the original, be we knew we couldn't copy it," producer Trevor Hopkins says. "Will it be as surprising as the original? We hope so."

AMC's take on The Prisoner stars Jim Caviezel as 6, who finds himself as the newest and most unwilling resident of the Village. Sir Ian McKellen plays 2, the man in charge who's bent on seeing that 6 takes to his new home.

The original series, which premiered in the United States in 1968, starred Patrick McGoohan as No. 6, and it concluded after 17 episodes with open questions about nearly every major story point, "Hence the enduring fascination, I think," McKellen says. "People are still arguing as to what's the meaning of it all."


Searching for InformationDuring the last months of 2008 we asked our visitors if they would read spoiler information about The Prisoner remake if it was available. A spoiler is information about a forthcoming TV show or film that gives away vital information such as plot lines, characters and outcomes.

The results are in and they show there is a definate demand for spoiler information. Over 55% would read everything possible. Just over a quarter said they wouldn't as it ruins the show. Just under 8% would read just the headlines - which would be a real tease.

Spoiler Poll

We will occasionally bring you spoiler information about the much anticipated 2009 remake of The Prisoner. However, we will always mark spoiler information VERY clearly so you can decide whether to read it or not.

Our January 2009 poll asks if you'd like to see a cameo by Patrick McGoohan, the star of the 60's original show. Make sure you have voted before the 31st January.

Interview with The Prisoner Exec ProducerThe Prisoner's executive producer Michele Buck has spoken to Digital Spy ( in a semi-revealing interview.

Reading between the lines, what do we know now?

  • The basic plot is the same; Number Six is in the Village and wants to get out.
  • It's going to look a bit different; It's not filmed in Portmeririon but Buck says, "Even in classic adaptations you're trying to do something different. This isn't just a classic adaptation, this was an iconic series originally and actually to have another spin of the dice is a huge challenge."
  • They are trying to keep fans of the original happy; "We'd be bonkers if we thought we were going to make something they wouldn't like.", comments Buck.
  • Christopher Eccleston was NEVER going to be Number Six; "At the time we announced we were doing The Prisoner, as with Doctor Who previously, the press was always second guessing and decided Christopher Eccleston was doing it. It was always going to be an American lead, because it's an American-British co-production and the split we decided on was an American Number Six and a British Number Two." explains Buck.


The Prisoner TV show not worried by Prisoner MovieProducers of the AMC and ITV production of the remake of the classic 60s series The Prisoner, don't seem to worried about the Christopher Nolan movie "Prisoner", which is based on the same classic series.

Executive Producer Michele Buck (nominated for 3 Prime Time Emmys no less) is reported to have said, “We knew of it, and what it was rumoured to be like was totally nothing like ours at all. We’ll be finished, edited, transmitted, out before they even shoot - if they shoot. As with everything, these things come up, go down. We will be ahead of him for sure.”

The six part mini-series will be airing on ITV in the UK and AMC in the US some time in 2009.

ITV reveals 2009 season including The PrisonerITV has revealed details of their 2009 schedule, including the remake of The Prisoner and Boy Meets Girl.

Comedy Boy Meets Girl stars Martin Freeman (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) and Rachael Sterling (Tipping the Velvet) and it’s a gender defying drama. Freeman’s character gets struck by lightening and wakes up to find himself trapped inside a woman’s body. He now has to work out bras, relationships and walking in high heels.

The Prisoner is also making a return to the screens.The original 1960’s version is regarded as a major cult series which set the standard for fantasy - spy - drama. It also made Portmeirion in North Wales famous, but for the remake producers have decided to shoot the show in Namibia and South Africa.


We Want Rover Back!The votes have been counted and it seems you guys really want to see Rover back in The Prisoner.

During September we ran a poll and asked "Which original prop would you like to see in the remake?".

With over 62% of the vote is one of the strongest and most memorable visual icons of the original series, Rover - the big white balloon that suffocates people to you and me.

Coloured umbrellas and Number 2's bubble chair were also quite popular but Lava Lamps came in with just 4.5% of the vote, sorry Mathmos.

Will we see Rover in the AMC/ITV remake currently being filmed in Namibia? Only time will tell, although we are trying to find out and will share any inside info we can get.

Prop Voting 

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