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Check out all the latest news and information about The Prisoner remake starring James Caviezel and Ian McKellen.

AMCCharlie Collier, VP and general manager of AMC, wasn't really nervous at the 60th Annual Emmy Awards until the show started and he realized his categories were coming up.

In the end, it worked out pretty well. Matthew Weiner won for writing Mad Men, Bryan Cranston won for his role in Breaking Bad, and AMC made history when Mad Men became the first basic cable series to win as outstanding drama. When that happened, Collier looked down the row of seats at the rest of his team—and that, he says, is when it hit him.

"We all just looked at each other and said, 'Oh, my goodness,'" Collier recalled. "To have third-party validation, we were so thrilled. It was a pretty incredible feeling to have Mad Men called."


Number Two has always needed protection from the sun. It looks like the new Number Two might need protection from the sand as well.

Here is Ian McKellen (Number Two) on location with probably not the new butler.

Have we found the new Butler?

During August we asked our site visitors to vote if they thought Ian McKellen will make a good Number 2. Well, the votes have been counted and it would seem it's an overwhelming Yes!

Over 80% of you thought Ian will make a good Number 2. 15% weren't sure and just 3.8% thought he wouldn't make a good Number 2 (don't worry, Control have been informed and Rover will be visiting you soon!)

Sir Ian Makes a Popular Number 2

Only time will tell if Sir Ian will be able to compete with the likes of Leo McKern and Colin Gordon.

During September, we are asking which prop from the original show would you like to see make an appearance in the 2009 remake. Vote now.

As we've waited such a long time to see this, we thought we'd show it off here!

We've waited a long time to see...

Filming is well underway in Namibia with only 1 injury so far - a construction guy was hit on the head with a nail gun. More filming news coming soon.

Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel disclose that the first reading is often the most difficult. Director Jon Jones discusses "the beginning of everything".

AMC/ITV have released details of more stars joining Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen in the much anticipated remake of The Prisoner.

  • No. 313 will be played by Ruth Wilson (Jane Eyre)
  • No. 41-5 will be played by Hayley Atwell (Mansfield Park)
  • No. 147 will be played by Lennie James (Jericho)
  • No. 11-12 will be played by Jamie Campell-Bower (Sweeney Todd)

Filming is currently underway in Swakopmund in Namibia. More details coming soon.

More stars join Number 6 in prison


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