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Check out all the latest news and information about The Prisoner remake starring James Caviezel and Ian McKellen.

Have you been playing "Seek The Six" as much as we have? It's a great piece of viral marketing to promote the new Prisoner show.
Without spoiling it too much, visit the site: and click on the images. There are no instructions but it's all in the name. As you get things right you will be presented with cryptic lines including:

  • I am no one
  • Help me to conform, submit
  • The truth is right beside you
  • I don’t think you want freedom

Complete the process to get your very own number.

Our Number

  • “If I open my mind, you will take it away from me”
  • “If someone was watching us, what would they see?”
  • The Truth is Right Beside You”

In 2009 AMC will be premiering their reinterpretation of the highly influential 1960s cult classic THE PRISONER.

In support of the recently announced mini-series, AMC launched a mysterious grassroots teaser effort at Comic Con this past weekend.

Attendees were provided with cryptic puzzle cards, which when decoded drove participants to a site ( where they were tasked with ‘seeking the six’ in order to reveal the secret behind the campaign.

In addition, transparent stickers with a number “6” were placed in unusual places including ceilings, floors and even restroom mirrors.  In the afternoons, “Seek the Six” sky-writing was seen above the convention center. The convention floor was also populated with dozens of numbered men in black suits who randomly uttered the iconic phrase “I Am Not A Number”, but refused to offer any clues to their purpose other than “the truth is right beside you”.


The Prisoner remake series has a new lead actress.

“I’m about to go to Namibia to shoot ‘The Prisoner’ with Ian McKellan and Jim Caviezel,” revealed 27-year-old British beauty Hayley Atwell to MTV on Monday. “It’s a remake of a very strange 1960’s cult sci-fi classic with Patrick McGoohan.”

For those of you who aren’t down with Number Six, “Prisoner” told the story of a former British secret agent held captive in a mysterious village, as authorities tried to break his will. The trippy storylines often included hallucinations, mind control, and a lot of references to “hooks” and “crooks.”


Ian McKellen to play Number 2 in Prisoner Remake

ITV has today confirmed that Sir Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel will star in the network's remake of 1960s classic cult thriller, The Prisoner.

American film actor Caviezel will take the role of Number Six while McKellen will appear throughout the series as Number Two.

The original Prisoner show was filmed in the Italianate resort of Portmeirion in North Wales - but ITV was not confirming where the new series will be shot. ITV Productions is co-producing the six-part series with Granada International and AMC, with a worldwide premiere slated for 2009. The Prisoner is the first project being "greenlit" as part of ITV's new co-production with US studios and networks.

Sir Ian said of the new version: "It is witty, intelligent and disturbing. I am very excited to be involved."

Patrick McGoohan created, produced, wrote and directed the original show and starred in the lead role of Number Six.


Six Of One (, the official Prisoner Appreciation Society, is reporting some hard and fast facts about The Prisoner remake. Their site doesn't quote any sources but it sounds pretty definate! Details include:
  • Number 6: James Caviezel
  • Number 2: Sir Ian McKellen  
  • Director: Jon Jones
  • Producer: Trevor Hopkins
  • Writer: Bill Gallagher
  • Episodes: 6 (1 hour)
  • Location: Namibia and Cape Town in August, 2008.
  • Production: AMC (American Movie Channel) and ITV (UK).
Remake News - Media WatchThe Prisoner remake news is now widespread. We have been keeping a watchful eye on the mainstream media to see how it's being reported. Here is a selection of reports from (usually) reliable sources:
  • Liverpool Daily Post - Who’s next for Number Six?
    1 May 2008
  • Techwatch - ITV to remake ‘The Prisoner’
    30 Apr 2008
  • Daily Post - Prisoner remake snub for Wales
    30 Apr 2008
  • The Telegraph - Christopher Eccleston tipped for lead in new Prisoner
    29 Apr 2008
  • BBC News - Prisoner remake 'set to go ahead'
    29 Apr 2008
  • The Independent - The corner of Wales that is forever Italy
    28 Apr 2008
  • Daily Post - Prisoner TV series re-make planned
    28 Apr 2008

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