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Check out all the latest news and information about The Prisoner remake starring James Caviezel and Ian McKellen.

Prisoner remake - ITV commentAfter some wild speculation last week, a spokesperson for ITV said neither filming nor casting had taken place.

“It’s not so much a second series – we are in development for remaking or re-versioning The Prisoner, that’s true."

“No casting has been confirmed so the names that have been mentioned are pure speculation. Also the suggestion we’re filming in Libya is untrue. We haven’t worked out where we’re going to be filming it at this stage.”

Mr Langley, author of the recent book Patrick McGoohan: Danger Man or Prisoner?, said that as well as a new TV series, film-makers Universal Studios still have a plan to make a film sequel. McGoohan was involved in this several years back when he delivered his own script for a Prisoner movie.

Mr Langley said: “There’s always been two distinctly separate plans. One was to make a film sequel called The Prisoner by Universal Studios. And from the end of 2006, Sky One said they were linking up with Granada to make a mini-series of six episodes.


There have been reports online, quoting a Daily Mail article on the 16th April 2008, that filming for The Prisoner remake is already in progress. The article reads:
"The Prisoner, which baffled millions of TV viewers in the 1960s with its complex plots, is being remade with U.S. actor Jim Caviezel in the title role. Currently filming in Libya, there’s a special guest appearance by the show’s original star Patrick McGoohan. And by luvvie’s luvvie Sir Ian ‘Serena’ McKellen."
We are skeptical and think this might go down in the history as another piece of mis-information. News of a project as far on as filming would have been leaked before now. Still, we hope we're wrong!
"Pan's Labyrinth" director Guillermo del Toro is bringing the cult British science fiction TV series "The Champions" to the big screen.

Del Toro will write and direct the adaptation for United Artists, the studio recently revived by Tom Cruise and his business partner Paula Wagner.

The series, which ran for 30 episodes in 1968-69, revolved around the adventures of a trio of secret government agents whose lives were saved when their plane crashed in the Himalayas and they were rescued by an advanced civilization. The civilization also bestowed them with superhuman abilities. It was produced by ITC, the company behind such British shows as "The Saint," "The Prisoner" and "Thunderbirds."

Del Toro is in production on "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army." A horror thriller produced by del Toro, "The Orphanage," is set for a December 28 release from Picturehouse.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

ITV is set to rescue the remake of The Prisoner following Sky's decision to pull out of the deal because of a disagreement with US cable co-producer AMC.

The network is understood to be in the final stages of securing the six-part series, which is being made by ITV Productions and has been billed as a pacy, radical reinvention of the original show.

A source told Broadcast: "We're all really glad it's an ITV show and we're gearing up for casting and shooting."

Conviction creator Bill Gallagher has penned the new version while Christopher Eccleston had been tipped to take the Number Six role that Patrick McGoohan made famous in the 1967 original, but he has thus far ruled himself out.

The cult 1960s classic aired on ITV. In it Number Six was abducted after resigning from his post as a government secret agent and moved to an unknown village - filmed in Portmeirion in Wales.

It emerged in August that Sky One had pulled out of the show because it was unhappy with elements of the production. Controller Richard Woolfe said: "It's a quintessentially British drama and there were too many creative differences trying to share it with an American partner."

Source: Broadcast 

The long-awaited remake of telly classic The Prisoner could turn up on ITV, despite persistent rumours that the project is doomed.

It is circulating amid TV industry insiders that, following Sky's decision to pull out of the project after a disagreement with US co-producer AMC, ITV has stepped into the breach.

According to The Sun, ITV is in the final stages of securing the six-parter, which has been billed as complete re-invention of the original and could give the Beeb's Doctor who a run for its money.

Ironically, former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston has been tipped to take the Number Six part made famous by Patrick McGoohan in the 1967 drama, but he has ruled himself out so far.

In the classic show Number Six was kidnapped after resigning as a secret agent and was taken to a mysterious village.

Source: Press Association 

Our comment - We'd love to see The Prisoner on ITV rather than Sky. That way it will get to a much bigger audience. Come on ITV! 

Christopher Nolan is in final negotiations to direct a feature film adaptation of the 1967 television show The Prisoner for Universal Pictures.
If that doesn't get you excited, than know this: The screenplay is being written by Janet and David Peoples - the scribes that previously brought you Blade Runner, Unforgiven and Twelve Monkeys.

The original UK fantasy/drama television series only lasted 17 episodes, but later spun-off into a series of novels, comic books, computer games and role-playing games. Patrick McGoohan played a government agent who has resigned and is kidnapped and placed on an isolated island known as the Village. He's given a new identity -- Number Six -- and interacts with an island staff trying to get him to reveal why he resigned. Throughout the series Number Six tries to escape the island while defying all attempts to break his will.

If Nolan does sign on, production would begin after the Batman Begins sequel - The Dark Knight.

In an interesting but unrelated side note, LOST co-creator and Mission: Impossible III writer/director JJ Abrams has recently praised the series as one of his influences (I'm wondering if he was asked to helm the film?).

"I loved The Prisoner, which was a very odd sort of hybrid of sci-fi, mystery and character, and certainly there are elements of The Prisoner in both Alias and Lost," admitted Abrams. "The prisoner was a guy constantly wondering where the hell he was. And there was some kind of agency that seemed to be in control of his destiny, and that was clearly a theme in Alias."

Source: AP


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