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The Prisoner (2009)

In this section we have all the latest news, and sometimes rumours, about the much anticpated AMC/ITV remake of The Prisoner.

So you can make up your own mind, we always quote our sources of information and stories.

Here it is, the first proper trailer for the MUCH anticipated 'The Prisoner' remake. Little is given away but Ian McKellen's early characterisation comes through. Exciting stuff!

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Take Your Medicine!A short article on Broadcastnow has some new promotional material for The Prisoner. The teaser poster shows Ian McKellen as the new Number 2 holding up a medicine bottle with Jim Caviezel, as Number 6, trapped inside. Are we to expect lots of drug references in the remake? More alarming is that the piece states The Prisoner will be shown on AMC later this year but in early 2010 on ITV (the UK network showing the show).

Broadcasting the show at different times in different countries is a terrible idea and is a kick in the teeth for UK fans. Viewing figures can be drastically hit by this time delay. Avid fans who are not willing to wait turn to the internet to download the episodes illegally (not a practice we would condone). In recent years shows such as '24' on Fox and Sky One have lost out when transmission has been delayed, viewing figures have fallen as fans have already seen the shows from downloads.

We are trying to find out some definate airing dates but the companies are being tight lipped at this time.

Here is the first sneeky peek at The Prisoner. There are no major spoilers in this video but it does give us a good idea about the feel the new show is going to have. There is certainly a 60's retro chic to it but it's a million miles (or 8437 kilometers / 5243 miles to be precise) from Portmeirion and Patick McGoohan's original vision.

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Ian McKellenMuch like Number 2, we are hungry for information about The Prisoner remake. Below are some interesting extracts from an indepth preview and analysis of the original and remake from's site. 

Rather than replicating the source material's essentially British mainframe, the team is going international, in cast, location and geopolitical concern. Instead of juxtaposing totalitarian surveillance society against bright color schemes, ubiquitous marching bands and enforcer balloons called Rovers, the new Prisoner miniseries is striving toward domestic normalcy in a world torn apart by terrorism, technology and the idea that being an individual just isn't what it once was cracked up to be. "We're all total fans of the original, but we couldn't copy it," producer Trevor Hopkins told a crowd gathered Thursday at the Universal Hilton to preview the new Prisoner for the press. "We wanted to reinterpret it as a thriller. We wanted it to be as unfathomable as the original."

Though just 17 episodes of the original Prisoner aired in 1967 and '68, the show went on to become one of the most influential sci-fi series in television history, thanks to creator and lead actor Patrick McGoohan's brilliant political and pop-cultural instincts. The short-lived series' subversive innovation has since inspired television shows (Lost, Battlestar Galactica and even The Simpsons), comics (Grant Morrison's The Invisibles) and music. 


The Prisoner Won't Be A CopyThe media has been given an early look at The Prisoner. The footage was still pretty rough but one thing was clear, the six episodes aren't going to be copies of the original.

"We're huge fans of the original, be we knew we couldn't copy it," producer Trevor Hopkins says. "Will it be as surprising as the original? We hope so."

AMC's take on The Prisoner stars Jim Caviezel as 6, who finds himself as the newest and most unwilling resident of the Village. Sir Ian McKellen plays 2, the man in charge who's bent on seeing that 6 takes to his new home.

The original series, which premiered in the United States in 1968, starred Patrick McGoohan as No. 6, and it concluded after 17 episodes with open questions about nearly every major story point, "Hence the enduring fascination, I think," McKellen says. "People are still arguing as to what's the meaning of it all."


Searching for InformationDuring the last months of 2008 we asked our visitors if they would read spoiler information about The Prisoner remake if it was available. A spoiler is information about a forthcoming TV show or film that gives away vital information such as plot lines, characters and outcomes.

The results are in and they show there is a definate demand for spoiler information. Over 55% would read everything possible. Just over a quarter said they wouldn't as it ruins the show. Just under 8% would read just the headlines - which would be a real tease.

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We will occasionally bring you spoiler information about the much anticipated 2009 remake of The Prisoner. However, we will always mark spoiler information VERY clearly so you can decide whether to read it or not.

Our January 2009 poll asks if you'd like to see a cameo by Patrick McGoohan, the star of the 60's original show. Make sure you have voted before the 31st January.

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